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Ecoists Bags

Ecoist bags are made from recycled candy wrappers, soda labels and food packages. They are hand-made, sturdy and water resistant.

The Ecoist bags are eco-fashionable. Give them to your friends and family to show your love for them and the Earth.


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Green Silence Shoe

Here is a great earth-friendly product that you can use, whether it be for walking, running or going to the park. Brooks, the sneaker company, has found a way to be athletic and green at the same time. Green Silence, is the name of their running shoe made from 75% post consumer recycled materials including plastic water bottles, rubber and CDs. The Green Silence is the first ever running shoe to have a biodegradable midsole. The running shoe’s laces, gillies and reinforced webbing are 100% post-consumer recycled and all dyes are non-toxic. It is also packaged in a shoe box, made of fully biodegradable, 100-percent recycled paperboard. All of this sustainability without compromise on the shoe's performance!

By wearing the GreenSilence shoe, you are truly reducing your carbon footprint!


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TerraCycle Products

TerraCycle has a variety of green products that may come in handy for the school year. Their products are all made from traditionally non-recyclable waste that they “upcycle” into new products. They take used juice boxes, chip bags, tooth brushes and more and turn them into very stylish and sturdy consumer products. They make back packs, pencil cases, lunch boxes, binders and more.

TuTu’s favorite picks are the Honest Kids Back Pack and CapriSun Pencil Case. What great green products to start your school year!

TerraCycle also ensures that even their upcycled products aren’t turned into waste. Once you are done with your product, you can send it back to their company where it will be turned into recyclable rigid plastic packaging material.

TerraCycle products are definitely helping to make our world cleaner!

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Here is a cool product that is a healthy and green way to enjoy “soda.” SodaStream turns tap water into sparkling water in under 30 seconds. Now I am not encouraging soda to be your beverage of choice. Water is still the BEST drink to hydrate and restore your body. However, if you want a tasty fizzy drink, SodaStream is the “green” way to go. There are no bottles to throw away, and you can add as much or less carbonation and flavor as you like. The plastic bottles are BPA-free and reusable for up to 2 years and the glass bottles have a lifetime warranty. There are also 100% natural flavors that are free from artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. They have unique flavors such as GreenTea mixers too.

One SodaStream carbonator makes 60 or 110 liters, equivalent to 170 or 310 aluminum cans! Using SodaStream means less packaging waste from cans and bottles and less pollution caused by transporting bottled beverages.

This product is a great way to enjoy homemade soda and also lower your carbon footprint and protect the environment!
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Back to the Roots Mushroom Garden

Here is a wonderful green product to introduce the concept of “farm to plate” and gardening, the Back to the Roots (BTTR) Mushroom Garden. The BTTR grow-at-home mushroom kit lets you grow up to 1 1/2 lbs of gourmet, tasty oyster mushrooms per box. In as little as 10 days you can grow your first crop and the mushroom kit can grow at least two crops. It only takes 3 steps- open, mist and harvest. The spray mister is included making it very easy for little hands to water their mushroom garden. The soil in the BTTR Mushroom Kit is also made of 100% recycled coffee grounds. The company, BTTR, is committed to sustainability and lessening waste. BTTR not only uses recycled coffee grounds for its soil, but has begun to use tea leaves and hops and grains as well. This waste if not reused, is dumped into landfills and produces hundreds of thousands of tons of methane gas into the environment.1

The BTTR Mushroom Garden teaches children that tasty treats can come from reusing waste. The Mushroom Garden introduces the concepts of composting, green gardening and healthy eating. What a great rainy day activity that allows children to enjoy nature indoors and discover where their food originates.

Happy Gardening and Yum, Yum!



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Environne Fruit & Vegetable Wash

For cleaning those sweet summer fruits, this product rocks!

Removes pesticides, wax and chemicals. It is a non-toxic concentrated wash that lasts forever. 1 tbsp/32 oz. of water does the job.

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Kids Baking Kits

Well, the holiday season is here and there will be lots of treats and sweets for the children. The Zebra Mix Rainbow Drop Cookie Activity Kit and Zebra Mix Cupcake and Frosting Activity Kit shows children how to bake cookies and cupcakes made from organic and all-natural ingredients. The bake set comes in a cool zebra tin that can be recycled and reused as a lunch box or container to hold their treasures. There is also an activity sheet, the Safari Baking Map, with step by step instructions for baking and word games for smart fun. The Zebra Kits provides organic and all natural treats, that are packaged in green eco-friendly containers for children to reuse! Yum, Yum!


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BabyGanics Cover-Up Baby Sunscreen (50+ SPF)

In preparation for the hot summer, here is a product safe enough for the children and effective enough for the entire family!

It is safe for the face and body, and is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. It also doesn't have any harsh chemicals, no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Best of all, it is waterproof!

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Vapur Bottle

The Vapur Bottle is a neat and eco-friendly product to carry your water on the go. It is the “Anti-Bottle” because it is flexible, durable and can be folded or rolled up when empty. Vapur Anti-Bottles are freezable, dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

You can even freeze your Anti-Bottle for cold water or use it as an icepack! A Vapur Sweater can be used on your Anti-Bottle to stop condensation and keep it even colder. Vapur Anti-Bottles are perfect for lunch boxes and school back packs because they are less bulky and very durable. The Vapur Anti-Bottles come in an array of colors and there are some with original artwork and there are even stickers available to personalize it. In keeping with its commitment to environmental responsibility, the company donates a portion of its proceeds to water related and environmental causes.

So if you want to save space and the planet while staying hydrated, the Vapur Anti-Bottle is TuTu’s choice!

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ID Stationery - personal and eco-friendly

The holidays are over, and it is time to start sending out Thank You cards for all of those fabulous gifts you received. ID Stationery offers personalized notecards that are made from 100% recycled paper! ID Stationery offers “in house” card stock ranging from 80% - 100% PCW (post consumer waste). All paper products from ID Stationery are carbon neutral, FSC certified, green-e certified, and green seal certified.

ID Stationery puts nothing to waste – even their paper scraps are recycled weekly. We ordered TuTu notecards and absolutely love them. They add a personal touch and are eco-friendly. ID Stationery - they "make paper pretty" and green!

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Upcycled Clocks

In celebration of the 13th Annual America Recycles Day on November 15th, here is a bonus product.

These clocks would make a great addition to your children's room, study or kitchen. They are made from unused materials such as newspapers, CDs, magazines, and photographs. These unique clocks are a great way to reinforce to children how we can recycle almost anything with a little creativity. "

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OttLite Reading Light

For all of the many hours you will spend reading to children or have children read to you, the OttLite bulbs will produce less heat and are energy-efficient.

The OttLite also provides the quality of natural sunlight indoors and reduces glare and eyestrain. With the use of the OttLite while reading, you reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while promoting literacy!

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Tis the season to be green!

If you are not sending e-greeting cards, then why not place a Go Green stamp on your envelopes. The US Postal Services Go Green forever stamps are a great way to encourage others to be eco-friendly. The Go Green stamp series includes 16 stamps that provide examples of what each of us can do to promote the health of our environment, such as riding a bike, planting trees and composting. These eco-friendly stamps are a great way to maintain "green" living awareness during the holidays and all year round.

Please visit the USPS website for Go Green stamps and other eco-friendly mailing materials.
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BugBand Products

BugBand has a great array of natural insect repellant products. Their products are DEET free and contain a natural chemical called Geraniol, which is derived from geranium plants. BugBand products are safe for the entire family including children, babies and even pets. There are traditional sprays and lotions that range from light to heavy protection. However, they have a pretty cool product, the BugBand Wristband which is ideal for children. It is effective for 120 hours and is great for children to wear for cookouts, camps and playground fun. It is reusable and comes in a variety of colors!

What a great green product! It uses natural ingredients and is safe for the entire family and earth!

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EcoSMART Organic Insect Repellant

A great product to keep in the baby bag or kid's back pack. As you enjoy the last few weeks of summer, this product is a must have to keep those annoying bugs away.

This bug repellant is great for the children, because it doesn't contain the harmful chemicals sometimes found in insect repellants such as deet. However it is very effective.

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Freeplay Kito Crank Flashlight

The Freeplay Kito Crank Flashlight is a great way to stay eco-friendly while braving the aftermath of a bad storm. No need to stock up on batteries with this wind up flashlight. The Crank Flashlight uses the power generated from winding up gears inside the flashlight to power the internal battery. How cool is that! Its ultra bright white LED light only requires 60 seconds of winding to shine for up to an hour. You can wind it up again and again for more hours of light. The harder you crank, the more energy for future consumption you generate! The battery will retain about 75% of its charge after 1 month of no use.

So don’t worry about batteries for this flashlight, just make sure you are ready to use a little physical energy to shine a bright light!

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B2P Recycled Pens

Writing Green? Pens made from recycled bottles? Yes! Recycling has evolved. B2P is a cool way and reminder that going green is simple. These pens are actually made from plastic water bottles. They come in four different colors and are 89% recyclable! Now, isn't that cool.

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Waste Free Lunch Kits

The Waste Free Lunch Kits reduce waste, save you money and look great! Each Waste Free Lunch Kit includes a neoprene messenger style lunch bag, a food container and a coordinating beverage bottle and spork. The kit is lead free, BPA free and dishwasher safe. By using Waste Free Lunch Kits you do not have to use plastic baggies and water bottles any more, which means less waste and more savings!

These all encompassing kits make lunch time yummy, eco-friendly and fashionable.

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Crocodile Creek Drinking Bottle

Is your kid always on the go? Then the Crocodile Creek Drinking Bottles are great for them! They are 100% BPA Free and made from stainless steel. These bottles are excellent for all types of beverages and holds up to 13.5 oz.

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Lunchskins Reusable Bags

These are a great substitute for plastic snack and sandwich baggies.  They are great for children and adults.  The colors and patterns are quite cool!  They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe and are made with a high quality food-safe fabric which is used by professional bakers.  You can get 1000+ uses out of one bag as compared to a few uses from plastic baggies. 

This product is just another small step toward living green and a great way to reduce your “lunchprint.”

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On a rainy day, or when you are in need of something fun to do, TuTu has the greatest solutions - Green Crafts! These exciting and eco-friendly activities can be done at home with household items. Creating these crafts are projects that kids will enjoy. When you are finished, you can put them on display as a reminder that, like TuTu, you make a conscious decision to save the earth!

cardboard egg carton, scissors, paint, paintbrush, pipe cleaners, markers

  • Take an old egg carton and cut off the cover.
  • Cut the part with the egg holes in half lengthwise.
  • Take a pencil and make two holes on the side of the first egg hole.
  • Stick a pipe cleaner in each hole and curl at the end.
  • Use markers and paint to decorate the caterpillar.
empty soup can, construction paper, markers, crayons, glue, tape, old magazines, scissors

  • Take an old soup can (wash and make sure no sharp edges)
  • Tape/glue blank construction paper to the outside of the can
  • Cut out eyes from different magazines
  • Glue the eyes to the construction paper
  • Adults, have each child finish the sentence beginning with "Eye Can..." For example, "Eye can save the earth!" or "Eye can make a difference!"
buttons, dried macaroni, straws, cereal, colored paper, poster board, markers, crayons, glue

  • Write the word "recycle" or draw the recycle symbol on the poster board.
  • Have the child color the word "recycle" or the recycle symbol.
  • Allow the child to glue all of the recycled materials onto the poster board.

Coloring/Activity Sheets

On the go or at home, TuTu always enjoys her eco-friendly coloring pages and activity sheets! TuTu uses these activities to help remind her of the different ways she can reduce, reuse and recycle. Since TuTu loves to share, she wants to help you remember too! So print out some pages, share them with friends and go green!

More Green Stuff

Green Gifts for Kids:

Here are some gift ideas that are eco-friendly and don't require giving "stuff" or something that is disposable. These gifts encourage an interest, hobby and expose kids to great experiences.
  • Membership to local aquarium, zoo, or children's museum
  • Donation to favorite charity
  • Enrollment in healthy living/green cooking class

Green Magazines

These magazines encourage healthy development of children and the earth. They have great articles, recipes, crafts, and also offer great advice through their online “mommy communities!”

  • Kiwi Magazine is a magazine that teaches parents the healthiest ways they can help their children and families grow. The magazine emphasizes natural and organic living; the vital role parents play in the development of their children and of course, instilling the idea of a “green world” into the minds and hearts of their children. They have cool recipes, coupons and discounts and you can apply to become a Mom Ambassador to sample free green products! Sign up for their e-magazine too!

  • Mothering Magazine is an online magazine that helps mothers, and soon to be moms, care for themselves, their babies and the future. While focusing on mommy and baby health, the magazine offers different tips on special recipes and natural selections best suited for you.

  • Natural Life Magazine has been established since 1976 and provides info about simplifying your life. This magazine changes your thinking on living green, from articles on natural parenting styles to organic gardening. Best of all, the Natural Life Magazine teaches you ways to live greener inexpensively and affordably.