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TuTu’s Green World is a green lifestyle company for children on a mission to empower children to live eco-friendly. Through the adorable character, TuTu, children learn that their small actions can make big impacts. We provide resources and environmentally friendly products for caregivers, teachers and parents to help with our mission. We make green living fun and easy by sharing tips and recipes and building a community where adults and children can come together to imagine a better, more sustainable world.

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TuTu's Green World believes in collaborating with brands that promote an eco-friendly world. We love environmentally conscience brands and sustainable products. Check out TuTu's favorite eco-friendly products from Green brands available to purchase on Amazon.

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Fun Educational Experiences

Tulani Thomas, Founder of the TuTu’s Green World, accepts
interviews, school readings and event bookings across the nation. Students and teachers can enjoy fun, interactive book readings, arts & craft demonstrations or you may listen to an inspirational speech from a mother whose life changed for the better when she decided to go green.

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