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About TuTu's Green World

TuTu’s Green World is a green lifestyle & education company for all ages. Parents can find the resources, tips, and advice on TuTu’s Green Stuff Blog and even buy reusable and sustainable products at TuTu’s Green Shop. Education professionals can add TuTu's books to classrooms and libraries, book founder Tulani Thomas for classroom visits, or school assembly programs. Through these endeavors,
children learn how to live a green lifestyle by completing simple tasks such as recycling and exploring creative ways to be eco-friendly. Reimagine a clean environment where your children save our planet! That’s what we do here at TuTu’s Green World.

TuTu’s Green Stuff Blog

About TuTu's Founder and Author

Tulani is a Duke alumna and former corporate attorney and ballerina that created TuTu’s Green World because of the difficulty in finding certain books for her children’s library. She wanted to find books with diverse characters and books that reinforced the principles that she held in high regard at home. TuTu’s Green World is expanding across numerous media platforms and spreading its green lifestyle message of change.

Tulani’s goal is to spark a young generation by teaching them that it is not only “cool” to be green, but expected. She believes “Having a children’s book series that teaches eco-friendly habits will help produce a generation that is engaged and aware of their actions and surroundings. These children will develop good green habits and will leave the world a better place for their children.” Tulani and her children can often be found in their kitchen cooking healthy meals together as well as going out for walks and long bike rides.

Tulani was motivated to start a children’s book series and online green resource to assist other parents with teaching their little ones “green” habits as well. She published her first book, TuTu Goes Green, which introduced us to the character TuTu is the inaugural book of the TuTu and The Green Crew book series.  Soil Magic. the next in the Green Crew book series was released for pre-order in the fall of 2023 and is available in all major bookstores and online starting January 2024.

Tulani Thomas, Esq.