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About TuTu’s Green Academy

TuTu’s Green Academy (GAA) is an initiative geared towards educating children about the importance of environmentally conscious living and how to incorporate such practices into their everyday lives.

 GAA empowers teachers with the resources and training required to seamlessly incorporate STEAM, sustainability and mindfulness practices into the curriculum.

This mindfulness aspect, in particular, ensures a deep-rooted understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings and our shared environment. 

Additionally, the program recognizes the indispensable role of community and parental involvement. 


TuTu Story Time
Classroom Presentations 

○ Complements many of the national Common Core State 
○ Standards in English and Science.
○ Live or virtual author visit.
○ Lively Q&A and discussion about themes in book.
○ Interactive trivia/game and prizes.
○ Book signing, photograph with the author.
○ Inspire students to envision themselves as authors in their own right.

Green Living - Small Acts Big Impacts
School Assembly Programs

○ Artistic projects, interactive games and student presentations around story theme.
○ Explore connections between daily activities and environmental change;
○ Understand the various aspects of green living or “going green”.
○ Learn how the 3 Rs (recycle, reuse, reduce) can be exercised daily in our communities.
○ Learn best daily practices that support eco-friendly living in our immediate and wider communities.
○Inspire students to envision themselves and act as agents of environmental change in their organizations, communities, and beyond.

After a TuTu presentation, all leave feeling empowered that their SMALL ACTS make BIG IMPACTS in affecting environmental change. 

School Event Photos 

Public Speaking and Sustainability Consulting

Keynote or Workshop Topics

 ○ Learn about the founder, Tulani Thomas’ career path and journey to starting a publishing and “green” lifestyle company.
○ Learn how to contribute to creating a lasting legacy by empowering generations of future black leaders at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.
Sustainability Starts at Home: Transforming Habits for a Greener Future
○  Balancing Act: Finding Harmony Between Modern Life and Environmental Responsibility
Raising Eco-Conscious Kids: Nurturing Environmental Stewardship in Children
The Family Eco-Challenge: Embracing Change for a Greener Household
Financial Literacy Workshops: Educate the Entire Family about Essential Financial Concepts and Equip them with Practical Skills
Eco-Beauty Inside & Out: Self-Esteem Workshop for Girls to enhance self-esteem and instill a sense of responsibility and connection to the environment. 
Eco-Arts - An arts workshop that incorporates visual arts, poetry, creative writing and movement to educate students about the environment and eco-living.

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