Benefits of House Plants

Benefits of House Plants

January 21, 2022

There are many benefits of house plants and bringing greenery indoors. Besides the fact that they help purify the air, there are additional benefits of house plants that help mental health. Plants also make a great introduction for young children on caring for another living thing that relies on them.  

Reducing Stress 

Plants in your home or office can make everyone feel more comfortable, soothed, and natural.  When working with plants you tend to forget about stresses in your life.  A healthy distraction from things in life you can’t control and focus more on the present. 

Promote Healing 

Having plants around us provides for a tranquil healing environment for both psychological and physical healing.  The two studies linked below, found that patients who had plants in their rooms, required less pain medication and had quicker recoveries than patients without plants in their rooms. 

Health Benefits of Gardens in Hospitals

Flowering Plants Speed Post-surgery Recovery

Sense of Accomplishment

Children can see clearly how their care for another living thing has different outcomes. When a plant is healthy it stands straight, bolder color compared to a yellow shrinking neglected plant. When a child sees healthy growth they can see how their care helps others grow.