Eco-Friendly Back to School

Eco-Friendly Back to School

August 14, 2023

Hey, fellow parents! As we gear up for the exciting back-to-school season, let's dive into some fantastic ways to make it an eco-friendly adventure for our little ones and the planet we cherish. 

Random School Supplies

1. **Eco-Conscious Supplies:**

Let's kick off the school year with a green twist! Look for eco-friendly school supplies like recycled notebooks and pencils made from sustainable materials. Not only do they make our kiddos look cool, but they also teach them the importance of being kind to our environment.

Organic Hemp Backpack BagMintra 100% Recycled Notebooks

2. **Planet-Friendly Lunches:**

Who said eco-friendly can't be delicious? Switch to reusable lunch gear like snazzy lunchboxes and colorful water bottles. Not only will our children have stylish meals, but we'll also cut down on single-use plastics – a win-win for both taste buds and Mother Earth.

3. **Cruisin' in Green Style:**

Let's get creative with transportation! Encourage walking, biking, or organizing a carpool with other parents. Not only do we reduce traffic jams, but we also reduce carbon emissions, and our kids can enjoy some fun chats on the way to school!

4. **Second Life for Supplies:**

Before we hit the stores for new stuff, let's raid our kiddos' closets and backpacks. You'll be surprised how many perfectly good supplies from last year can be reused and given a second chance to shine! Plus, it's a great lesson for our kids in being resourceful and mindful.

5. **Championing Green Values:**

Let's be eco-warrior role models! We can have open, loving conversations with our children about why it's essential to take care of our planet. By sharing our eco-friendly choices and the reasons behind them, we inspire our little ones to become Earth's guardians too. 

If you haven't already it's a great time make the Small Impacts Big Impacts PledgeTuTu's Green World's Small Acts Big Impacts Campaign represents that every act of environmental change, no matter how small, significantly impacts our environment when we all take conscious action!

6. **Green Team Power:**

Join forces with the school community and hop on board with green initiatives. Supporting recycling programs or planting trees with other parents and teachers shows our kids that we can achieve great things when we work together for a greener world.

A great way to make a difference is composting! You can compost in a bin at home or you can use a composting collection service to make it really easy. I use a local company called Java's Compost.

7. **Earth-Loving Wardrobe:**

Dress our kids for success with sustainable clothing choices! Look for clothes made from organic materials or check out second-hand stores for unique finds. Not only are we reducing waste, but our kids will also rock a fashion statement with a purpose!

Why is this so important, you ask? Well, as parents, we play a vital role in shaping our children's values and habits. By making back-to-school eco-friendly, we're setting the stage for a brighter future. We're teaching them kindness, responsibility, and the joy of making a positive impact on the world around them.

So, let's kickstart this school year with enthusiasm and eco-consciousness, knowing that every small step we take adds up to a giant leap for a healthier planet! 

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