10 Eco-Friendly Planners to Help You Manage Your Time Better

10 Eco-Friendly Planners to Help You Manage Your Time Better

January 16, 2023

As caregivers, teachers or independent adults, being organized is essential.  Organization and planning is a necessity especially when managing multiple schedules. It’s also never too early to show children how to be more organized. Perhaps you are someone who thrives on being organized? Or maybe you hope that 2023 will be the year that you become more organized? In either case, you may be looking for the right planner to help you manage your time and tasks more effectively. At TuTu’s Green World, we are often asked about eco-friendly and kid-friendly planners. Many people ask us about planners made from sustainable materials, as well as what to do with planners once the year is over. 

The great news is that there are many eco-friendly options for planners and some great ways to manage the inevitable end-of-use stage of your planner's life. If you are looking to be more environmentally friendly and organized in the new year, take a look at our list of 10 eco-friendly planners you are sure to love. 

10 Eco-Friendly Planners to Help You Manage Your Time Better

For those of us who still love a physical planner, versus an e-planner, here are great, stylish, durable, and even kid-friendly planners available made from eco-friendly materials. 

1. Polestar Planner

The Polestar Planner is a great, affordable option for a no-nonsense yearly planner. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, these are among the top eco-friendly planners you can buy. The paper used is acid- and chlorine-free, and the printing is done with vegetable-based inks. Each planner includes a weekly format and monthly double spread. There are sections for notes and addresses, and tucked along the way are inspirational mindful quotes. We love the ease and durability of the spiral binding, and the artwork by Canadian artist Erin Vanessa is incredible!

2. JSTORY Monthly Planner

JSTORY offers a great eco-friendly planner that is super customizable. Available in large (8.46 x 11.6) and medium (5.9 x 8.3), these planners are versatile and suitable for parents, students, teachers, or anyone who wants to be a bit more organized. JSTORY planners have kraft paper covers and recyclable inner pages. There are sheets with grids for days, weeks, and months, as well as blank pages for easy customization. The stitched cover lays flat and smooth, which is ideal for use on a desktop, and is convenient for packing in a purse, backpack, diaper bag, or luggage. 

3. Legend Planner Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

Legend Planner has a fantastic planner that we love. Not only is their Weekly & Monthly Life Planner a weekly and monthly planner, but it is also a notebook, organizer, and place to make notes, doodle, and more. The Legend Planner was designed with productivity in mind, and features a variety of sections to help inspire you and boost your productivity one day at a time. The undated pages are great for customizing your planner, and the pockets, stickers, and bookmarks help you really stay on track. The unique engraved leather cover is animal-friendly and the paper is recyclable. As lovely and durable as this planner is, at the end of the year, you may choose to reuse it as a journal or notebook.

4. Bright Day Kids Journal & Checklist

Help the next generation of planners organize their daily tasks with the Bright Day Company Journal, Planner & Checklist. Designed with kids in mind, these planners feature fun covers and easy to use formatting. The spiral design is durable and easy to manage, and the daily checklists are not overwhelming for kids. The journal and planner features daily to-do checklists, space for personalization, and even a section to list what you are grateful for.  

5. Global Datebooks Student Planner

If you have an elementary-aged child, or are an elementary school teacher, you will LOVE the Global Datebooks Dated Elementary School Planner. These planners are perfect for home and/or school. They are large enough to provide space for kids of all ages. The spiral binding is durable and easy to carry. The matrix format helps kids learn how to be organized, plan, and stay ahead of school assignments. Of course, a great student planner has to be fun and engaging, which is why we love these planners. The bold designs and fun accessories are a great way to teach valuable skills of time management and planning. 

6. InnerGuide Planner and Checklist for Kids

Motivating kids and reinforcing positive life skills is important for parents, teachers, and other caregivers. Now, this is easier than ever with InnerGuide Planners - Daily Planner and Checklist for Kids. Unlike other planners, this checklist is more akin to a notepad with pages that can be easily torn off each day. The pages are undated, so you can use and reuse this planner anytime, anywhere. InnerGuide is a brand that focuses on resourcefulness and being responsible for oneself and their environment. What a great way to teach kids these important concepts in an easy and fun way!

7. STMT D.I.Y. Planner Set

For the teenager in your life, getting organized can seem tedious. But not with the STMT Do It Yourself Planner Set. Designed for girls ages 8+, but more particularly teenage girls, this planner and journal set is a great way to get started organizing in a fun and engaging way. The planner features 12 monthly pages that can be easily customized. The set includes stationary essentials like stickers, labels, stamps, and pens. This set is multipurpose and helps foster independence and personal responsibility. 

8. Papercode Daily Planner

One of our favorite no-nonsense, stylish, and fun to use planners for 2023 is the Papercode Daily Planner. This simple undated planner features space for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and calendars. There are also sections for productivity and goal-setting, notes, and more. The planners come in charming solid colors with a durable leatherette cover. Because it is undated, you can reuse this planner anytime, over and over again. We love how sustainable, versatile and functional this planner is. It is simple enough that kids can use it, but stylish and versatile enough for adults. 

9. Bright Day Chore List and Planner

Inspired by the popular PBS Kids show “Dinosaur Train,” the Bright Day Cool Kids Chore List and Planner will have even the littlest planners ready for action in no time. We know that kids need to be engaged in order to learn, and this planner is a great way to help kids develop fundamental planning and organizational skills. The planner includes checklists for daily chores or tasks, calendar space for special events, and sections for creativity. These planners would be great gifts for kids and are suitable for home and school. The undated pages mean that no pages will go to waste! It can even be reused into the following year. 

10. National Geographic Kids Daily Planner

 One of the most popular shows for kids on National Geographic is “Weird But True.” Now, you can bring the kids in your life some daily facts and fun with the National Geographic Kids Daily Planner. This planner features all the bold colors and images that NatGeo is so well known for, which keeps kids’ minds engaged. The daily weird-but-true facts are fun for kids to share with their siblings, parents, teachers, and more. The planner features sections for homework, planning, doodling, scheduling, and prompts that promote creativity and planning. This is a planner that kids want to use again and again. 

Use Your Planning Power

Planners come in many shapes and sizes, and feature a wide assortment of perks and accessories. As you can see, there are many planners that focus on being responsible, independent, and aware of the world around us. There are also many that feature eco-friendly benefits like recycled materials and reusable functions. With so many great options, how will you use your planning power?

Once the year is over, what’s the most sustainable way to dispose of it? Reusing is always the best option. Although the year is over, the undated “To Do Lists” or timed agenda pages are reusable regardless of the date. Once all pages have been utilized we recommend recycling the planners to reduce waste, but make sure to pull out the spiral wiring where applicable.  This is why purchasing eco-friendly planners are the best choice because once done they can be reused or recycled.  These planners are the gifts that keep on giving, as they are tools to show our children how to manage their time while also being eco-friendly.  

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