10 Eco-Friendly Tote Bags to Carry in 2023 and Beyond

10 Eco-Friendly Tote Bags to Carry in 2023 and Beyond

December 12, 2022

Eco-Friendly Tote bagsTote bags are a hot fashion accessory, and it looks like that trend is going to carry over into 2023 and beyond. Tote bags are great, multifunctional bags that you can carry anywhere, and that will hold almost anything. Larger than a standard purse, tote bags can double as a briefcase, diaper bag, reusable shopping bag, and much more. For children, tote bags are also trending in popularity to use to carry their books, toys, wet swimwear and more!  By reusing bags, you are reducing waste that litters our landfills and oceans, and are reducing your personal carbon footprint. It’s a small act that makes a big impact on the environment. 

What is even better than the tote bag trend is the increasing trend toward eco-friendly bags. Many brands are embracing eco-friendly fabrics and materials, and are opting for a more sustainable and ethical way of manufacturing and shipping products. At TuTu’s Green World, we are on board with this trend! Take a look below at our 10 picks for eco-friendly tote bags you need for 2023 and beyond. 

10 Eco-Friendly Tote Bags to Carry in 2023 and Beyond 

Whether you need a tote for shopping, running errands, a day out, or just for everyday use – the list below is sure to give you some eco-friendly tote bag inspiration. 

1. Reroucky 6-Pack Reusable Shopping Grocery Bags

 One of our favorite options for on-the-go is a tote bag that can be easily folded and stored. The Reroucky 6 pack of reusable tote bags available on Amazon has that and much more. The lightweight, colorful materials are washable and reusable, which reduces your carbon footprint. The colorful patterns make them quite attractive to children and are fabulous as an accessory for shopping or a day at the beach or park. The lightweight material folds up to less than 4.5 inches square, but the bag can hold up to 35 pounds!

2. Eco Right Canvas Tote Bag

The Eco Right Canvas Tote Bag is one of our favorite options for an eco-friendly tote. The cotton material is lightweight yet durable. The bag is plastic free and made from ethically sourced materials. The bags are packaged in recyclable materials so you can reduce your carbon footprint even more. The cute designs on these bags are perfect for adults or kids, and can be used at most any time of year. The affordable price point makes it easier-than-ever to be eco-friendly. 

3. Reusable Grocery Shopping Box Bag

We’ve all experienced the frustration of buying more than our reusable shopping bags can safely carry. That’s no longer a problem, however, with the Reusable Shopping Box Bag sold in the Creative Green Life Store on Amazon. The heavy duty tote bag folds out to a box shape, which can handle heavier produce or canned goods with ease. The bags are made from canvas and are easy to clean and store. We love them because they hold groceries easily without the risk of falling over and spilling out in the back of the car. They can also double as a great way to transfer bulky toys or books for kids.

4. ZENPAC Farmers Market Bag

ZENPAC’s Farmers Market Bag is a cute and stylish way to be eco-friendly with your accessories or shopping bags. The reusable cotton material is durable and easy to clean, and is multifunctional. It is great for shopping, but also can be used as an overnight bag, a day out bag, diaper bag, and more. The bag features an image with the text “Live Social Shop Local” printed on the front. At less than $10, it is a winner for reusable and sustainable living. 

5. KINGMAS Reusable Grocery Bags

KINGMAS offers a fun, stylish eco-friendly alternative to standard reusable tote bags. Their set of 5 eco-friendly folding tote bags offers plenty of storage and space for all your shopping or tote needs. And now, with the KINGMAS bags allow you to reduce waste and your carbon footprint in style. We love the slouchy design of these bags and the cute prints. 

6. Green Aura Reusable Grocery Bags

Green Aura is taking convenience a step further by offering reusable grocery bags complete with pockets! Made from 100% organic cotton, the bags are lightweight and durable, and can easily be washed and reused as needed. The large size and pockets make this a great option for shopping, but would also be helpful for trips to the beach, as a diaper bag, a yoga bag, or craft bag. 

7. YUYIKES Fruits Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

If you are looking for an eco-friendly tote with personality, then Yuyikes Fruits reusable bags are just what you need! Children are sure to become enamored with this  set of 10 fruit-shaped tote bags.  They are also perfect for the whole family, or as an eco-friendly gift. YUYIKES also offers reusable bags in animal and bold solids, but our favorite is the fruit selection. Children can learn about their fruits while learning how small acts make big impacts on sustainability.  Each bag can hold up to 20 pounds, and folds up for easy storage. To reduce your carbon footprint, just wash and reuse these handy totes.  

8. Happydays Cute Canvas Tote Bags

If you want a tote bag that is a bit more stylish, then check out Happydays canvas tote bags. The eco-friendly cotton bags have a natural color and texture, with bold graphic prints on the front. The bags are biodegradable and made from sustainable materials. The medium-size bags are great for shopping or general use when needed. They are easy to wash, and should be air-dried. 

9. Fwosi Hemp Tote

The hemp crossbody tote bag from Fwosi is a definite must-have if you are looking for an everyday wear sort of tote bag. These tote bags are made from Himalayan cotton and are durable, easy to wear, and easy to care for. The Amazon listing says that these bags are handmade, and that the color and texture may vary. Based on the designs shown, we’re sure that the fabric and style will be fabulous. 

10. Jolie Market Biarttz Tote

The Jolie Market Biarittz tote bag is another stylish option for an eco-friendly tote bag. The woven wicker (seagrass) is eco-friendly and durable. The basket style means that you can carry whatever you need without worry about the bottom of the bag breaking open. Made in Vietnam, these bags are made from locally-sourced seagrass that is naturally dried. Because it is wicker, you can easily wash it and let it air dry for multiple uses. 

The multifunctional nature of tote bags makes them incredibly popular and useful. But when you add in environmentally friendliness, that is a trend that we all can support. 

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