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Green Gift Ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day

May 07, 2021


A great way to spread green love is through an eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift. This Mother’s Day, consider giving mom a gift that will also make Mother Nature happy. Here are some ideas that are healthy, use upcycled materials, and lots of creativity and love for mom! Check out these earth-friendly crafts, gifts and activities that will surely put a smile on mom’s face.

5 Things I Love About Mommy “Plant”

  • Trace your hand and cut out the outline. 

  • Paste onto paper and draw a flower pot.  

  • Write 5 words that remind you of mommy.  

  • Add magazine or photos for each word and paste to each finger.  

  • Decorate your picture as desired.

Fun Times - The Gift of Experience

What does mommy like to do? A great mother’s day gift can be the gift of experience. Give a membership card to her favorite museum or spa for a relaxing day. You can also plan something special like a picnic or day doing all of her favorite things.

Donation to Her Favorite Charity

This has been a tough year for all of us. We have all dealt with life during the pandemic and have learned to work together as a community. Donating to your mother’s favorite charity through a fundraiser is a great way to help others while teaching children how to be change agents. Some great fundraising ideas are dance-a-thons, read-a-thons, car-washing, and garage sales.

Gift of a Yummy Meal


A gift certificate to an online healthy cooking class is a great gift idea. Mom gets to learn new recipes and skills from a seasoned chef and eat tasty healthy food. There are also free cooking demonstrations on YouTube that mom would enjoy as well. You can pick one, buy the ingredients and follow the video together. TuTu’s Green World has tons of great recipes like Garlic Sautéed Mixed Vegetables with Cauliflower Gnocchi or Air Fryer Egg Roll Recipe with Collard Greens.

Recycled Magazine Coasters


Here is an idea that’s super cute and mom will love! Take some old issues of her favorite magazine and make a woven coaster from the pages.  This is a great DIY upcycled gift that can be used every day. For detailed directions click here.

Melted Crayon Rock Art


1- Place the stones in the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees. The stones need to be hot. Do not bake too long. 

2- Prepare your work surface.  A thick piece of cardboard works best.  Make sure your surface is thick enough to have a hot stone.  

3- With oven gloves, remove one hot stone at a time from the oven and place it on your work surface.

4- Take one old crayon and gently rest it on your stone and glide it across the hot rock.  The crayon will melt and the wax will pour down the sides of the rock making a beautiful design.

5- Repeat with the other crayons so the colors will mix and mingle beautifully.

6- Let the stones cool off before using as you wish as a paperweight or in your rock garden.

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