Greener Back to School shopping 

Greener Back to School shopping 

August 23, 2022

Start your New School Year off right with a greener back to school shopping. Let's start by reusing things we already have and reducing the number of things we buy. Lastly for things you must buy new consider more sustainable options. Here are some ways to help keep the planet green this back to school season.




Instead of buying brand new, try getting items that are gently used and still have lots of life in them. Kids grown so fast so quality pieces often last much longer than a child can fit them. Try mommy swap groups and consignment shops.


Don't be quick to get rid of broken crayons. You can melt down old Crayons to make new ones. Be creative with the color combinations and molds you use. You can also recycle your crayons.

Book bags 

I use my kids old book bags to carry my gym clothes or use as a swim bag. Here are my favorite options below. You should also buy a quality book bag that can be used year to year instead of buying a new one every year with the latest graphics. 


Reuse ones that still have plenty of paper left. Either cut used pages out or fold over and decorate. When buying new, make sure to buy ones with recycled paper/plastic/bamboo.

Water  Bottles

It's important to stay hydrated. Swap out single use plastic for reusable stainless steal ones like the TuTu Goes Green Water Bottle.

Plastic items 

Choose reusable items over disposable to be more sustainable. Swap items like plastic sandwich bags for containers and reusable silicone bags, stainless steel lunch boxes, bento boxes, thermos or yeti food containers

For things that are no longer needed or outgrown like pencil cases, be sure to donate them instead of throwing them away.

Sustainable Shopping Tips

1. When buying supplies opt for less toxic options like Auspen, non-toxic refillable markers. You can also buy pens with refillable ink like Pilot-Frixion erasable pens.

2. Buy quality products, they may be more expensive but last longer year to year instead of having to replace at the end of the year.

3. Look for companies that care of the environment and are making efforts to use recycled materials in their products.

Happy back to school!