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Mental Health Activities for Kids

June 08, 2021

Mental Health is essential and it's never too early to introduce this to our kids.  Kids mental health is just as important as their physical health.  Mental health activities for kids helps them to cope with various challenges they will encounter.  It helps with anxiety, mood regulation, self-esteem, clear thinking and being a well rounded child. Here are some creative “bite-sized” ways to introduce mindfulness activities for kids into their daily and weekly routine.  

Mindful Poem

Here is a poem to help introduce children to mindfulness.


I breathe slowly in,
I breathe slowly out. My breath 
is a pathway of peace
moving softly through me.
Each day I can breathe and be.  

Read the poem and ask the children how it makes them feel.  Engage them in a discussion of how breathing makes them feel. Have them write an “I feel…” poem.

Tell them to take a few minutes to think about each feeling.  With younger children, have them draw their feelings or look through magazines for pictures that illustrate their feelings. 


Mindful Walk


A wonderful mental health activity for kids is to go on a mindful walk. During the walk, take 1 minute of silence where everyone focuses on the neighborhood or park and have your children notice things they haven’t seen or heard before. You and your children will be surprised to see how many things you never pay attention to and how many sounds you previously ignored. This is a great way to teach your children how to be more aware of their surroundings.

Daily Reflection and Gratitude

 112F1EFB-4FB0-415F-8487-825AFEA8DD22.jpeg Everyday, the kids and I start or end our day by stating one thing we did well and a grateful moment that occurred that day. We each give ourselves 5 minutes to sit still and breathe with our eyes closed. It allows them to relax and start or end their day in a calm state.