Small Acts, Big Impacts: Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Tips for Kids

Small Acts, Big Impacts: Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Tips for Kids

November 08, 2023

As Thanksgiving approaches, families are gearing up for a day filled with gratitude, sumptuous feasts, and heartwarming traditions. However, in the hustle of preparations, it’s essential to pause and ponder on the environmental impact of our celebrations. Teaching children the significance of an eco-friendly Thanksgiving is not just an act of sustainability but a step towards instilling values that foster a healthier planet. Embracing our pledge "Small Acts, Big Impacts" can guide young ones to celebrate while being mindful of Mother Earth.

Start with Sustainable Decor

Engage children in crafting decorations from natural or recycled materials. Foraging for pine cones, colorful leaves, and branches can be an adventurous outing that doubles as a lesson in using what nature provides. Children can create centerpieces and garlands, learning that the beauty of Thanksgiving doesn’t have to come from a store.

Savor Local and Seasonal Foods

Involving kids in menu planning and shopping can teach them about the benefits of local and seasonal foods. Visit a farmers’ market together and let them pick out the vegetables. Explain how choosing local produce reduces carbon emissions from transportation and supports local communities.

Waste Not, Want Not

Teach children the importance of reducing food waste by encouraging them to take only what they can eat and save leftovers for future meals. Composting organic waste is another hands-on activity that can show them the lifecycle of food scraps turning into nourishment for the earth.

Green Your Clean

After the feast, make cleaning up an eco-friendly activity. Use natural cleaners that are safe for the environment, and get children involved by making it a game. Teach them about conserving water while washing dishes and the importance of using reusable cloths instead of paper towels. Plus it’s never too early to introduce children to chores; it teaches them responsibility and provides them with accountability. 

Share the Bounty

Instill a sense of community and sharing by donating to food banks or inviting others who might be alone for the holiday. Explain to children how sharing not only reduces excess but also spreads joy and gratitude – the heart of Thanksgiving.

Each of these activities, while small in themselves, can have a big impact when practiced consistently and collectively. By integrating these eco-friendly practices into your Thanksgiving celebration, you’re not just giving thanks for the bounty you enjoy but also teaching the next generation to care for our planet. Remember, when it comes to sustainability, every small act can lead to a big, positive impact on our world.


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