TuTu's Green Gift Guide for Kids

TuTu's Green Gift Guide for Kids

December 07, 2021

Looking for gifts for littles this year that for fun for them but also educational, fun, and kinder to the Earth? This kids gift guide has items that teach children, science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) without them realizing they are learning. They are eco-friendly and reinforce green living with loads of fun for younger age groups 6-12 years old.

Bits Box

It’s a subscription service for 6-12-year-olds that teaches them how to code. A new computer science concept with a set of fun app projects that are delivered every month. Every box comes with a mix of coding projects, ranging from simple to more advanced.

Just My Style Your Decor Color Your Own Water Bottle

A great way to encourage little ones to use their reusable water bottle. Have them style it to their liking and they are sure to want to use it over the one-time plastic.

Kid's Beginner Microscope

Microscopes open an entire world to children of the things unseen. They can now visualize what common items look like on a more cellular level and details of their favorite tiny curiosities like bugs.

Nancy B's Science Club Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit and Decomposition Book

What an awesome way to show children how long our garbage takes to decompose! This composting gift is a great STEM and eco-friendly gift as it gives children a real-life visual of how garbage can be made into great stuff for the earth. The accompanying workbook explains to children composting.

Making - Make Your Own Dino Soap

Science kit Experiments for Kids! Make a T-rex, Styracosaurus, Stegosaurus, and 5 others. Feel free to play around with the colors! Turn your kids' bath or shower into a party while they learn fascinating dinosaur facts in the process. Non-toxic materials include molds, natural essence, and colors.