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Cereal Box Guitar Recycled Craft

April 21, 2021

Cereal Box Guitar Recycled Craft

If your looking for a fun recycled craft for kids using household items then look no further than this cereal box guitar. This eco-friendly project uses recycled materials, for an easy paper towel roll and cereal box craft that encourages kids with music and creativity. Your kids will love decorating and personalizing their guitar and rocking out with this instrument craft that you can make together.



Empty Cereal Box

Scissors or Exacto Knife (use with adult)

Tape- blue painters tape or masking tape

Rubber Bands (3-6)

Colorful paper - 5 sheets

Paper Towel/or wrapping paper roll




  1. Trace a large circle using a large tape roll or bowl using your marker on one of the larger flat sides of the box, and use scissors to cut out the circle (with adult supervision/assistance)

  2. Trace a circle of the paper towel roll at the unopened end of the box, and cut out that circle making sure not to make it bigger than the paper towel roll.

  3. Use tape to reinforce the box all the way around taping closed the open side but be sure not to cover the hole for the handle you just made.

  4. Decorate your guitar base and handle. This is best done before assembling together. You can use decorative tapes like washi tape or paper with tape or glue.

  5. Use glue or tape to stabilize the handle of the guitar to keep it from wiggling and becoming loose.

  6. Use 3-6 large elastic bands and stretch over the box over the hole to make the guitar strings. You can use tape at the bottom and top to keep the elastic bands in place.

  7. Jam out!

Using household items to make recycled crafts is a great way to teach your children how to be eco-friendly while having fun. For other ways kids can learn how to be green check out the book TuTu’s Green World. TuTu explores the world of green living from a child’s perspective, learning the meaning and importance of traditional “green” concepts.