Welcome to All Things “Green” - Tutus Green World

Welcome to All Things “Green”

February 01, 2021


Welcome to TuTu’s Green Stuff.  This will be a blog about everything “green.” I see green living as having a green mind and green body. How we think and act affects not only ourselves, but our community and our Mother Earth.  As a new mother 12 years ago, I wanted my little ones to be completely immersed in everything natural, healthy, clean and safe.  I thought that there must be other mothers with the same ethos.  It’s so much easier to teach good habits than it is to unlearn bad habits. So, I decided to write a children’s book about how little ones can live green each day.  That’s when TuTu’s Green World was born.  “TuTu” is the name of the character I created, a little girl, who shows children (and I would also venture to say adults) how they can help keep the Earth clean and safe. 


In recent years, I have delved back into TuTu’s Green World, after taking some time off due to family challenges. I have to say, it seems TuTu is timeless.  The green message is still received by children, adults and parents.  I decided to do the blog to expand on my social media posts. This blog will show everything from TuTu Green Eats, TuTu’s Mindful Moments,  TuTu’s Movement Breaks as well as favorite green products and amazing environmental leaders to inspire and motivate. There will also be a monthly newsletter with great recipes, craft ideas and more! So please subscribe and join me on my green journey to spread green info!